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Hi, I'm Becky Gordon.  I am here to help women and teens who struggle with constant distraction, organizational and time management concerns.  If you are concerned about how to manage your time or how you organize things, I can help!

As a psychiatrist I have worked with many individuals struggling with the triad of anxiety, depression  and ADHD.  A person usually knows when they are depressed and/or anxious but they often don’t realize the extent ADHD or other executive function challenge may be contributing to their frustrations.  I have helped many women and young adults find more balance in their mental health, feel successful in their educational pursuits or workplace environment.

What I offer is a two to three month process of learning and self-discovery.  We will work together to:

  1. assess to the extent possible whether ADHD and/or other mental health condition exists,
  2. identify your personal strengths and challenges related to organization and time management,
  3. do a 'deep dive' into what many call executive function skills of the brain and explore what external supports could strengthen these abilities for you.  

My style is collaborative, respectful, and strengths based.   By becoming more educated about the brain, increasing self care essentials, strengthening executive skills, and taking medications (if indicated) a person can feel less overwhelmed with time and organizational challenges!

The goal is to better understand your unique way of thinking and learning.  By learning new skills that help with organization, focus and follow through, your mood can improve and you can gain more confidence to accomplish what you want to in life!

Authors Solden and Frank wrote:

 'We believe that the goal of ADHD treatment should not be to get over, fundamentally change, or otherwise contort who you are, but to move toward your hopes and dreams, to deepen you relationship with your authentic self, and to use your strengths and voice to create spaces and relationships that work for you'.  

I fully support this statement and am eager to help you on your journey of self-discovery!

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