Session Content

Build your knowledge of ADHD,
learn whether it is present, and how it may be affecting your life.
Identify ways to practice self care.

What happens when you work with me?

Step 1:  Find out what’s going on now!

  • Start with a mental health assessment
  • Assess strengths and challenges related to what concerns you

Step 2:  Learn and develop strategies and skills for ADHD/EF related challenges! 

  • Learn about and practice executive skill building
  • Build-in tools and techniques that help you manage time, increase focus and self-awareness
  • Identify things you want to do in life and leave with a plan for how to get there

Step 3:  ADHD medication review!

  • Review ADHD medications and figure out which medication, if indicated, is most effective

The initial assessment covers current challenges and history.  I assess for the presence of ADHD (or refer for neuropsychological or neurocognitive testing when needed).   If other mental health issues are identified, I can help you find providers who address those specific concerns.  We will establish areas of executive strengths and challenges and develop a personalized plan with specific areas of focus to address.  Plan on 2-3 sessions to complete this step.

I use the Seeing My Time® curriculum as a launchpad to strengthen and support skills of planning, time-management and organization.  The accompanying workbook is very visual and supports many learning differences, including dyslexia.  We will explore numerous ways to keep track of time, prioritize goals and tasks (academic or job related to-do's), organize your stuff,  and identify which strategies suit you best.   Anticipate meeting 6-9 times for this step.  

If indicated, I can prescribe ADHD medications.  I provide an overview of what medications are available; we may then go through a period of several trials to see which medication helps you the most and has the fewest possible side effects associated with it.  This process takes about three months to complete and is incorporated into steps 1 and 2.

I serve adult women and femme identifying individuals; part of my practice is directed towards teens (middle school through high school years).  For students under age 18, I ask at least one parent to be present for one or more sessions.  

Sessions are IN PERSON or VIA TELEHEALTH depending on need/location

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